Tiveden area is located between Götaland and Svealand and sandwiched between Sweden’s two largest lakes, Vänern and Vättern. The National Park and the direct surrounding (between Unden and Vättern) is the so called Lilla Tiveden, the heart of Tiveden.
In what today is Tiveden National Park, there were three domain reserves that predate the national park, namely Trollkyrka (37 ha), Stenkälla (20 ha) and Tärnekullen (25.5 ha). This correspondate with the beautiful 3 main hiking routes of the National Park Tiveden. The most well-known places in the national park are Trollkyrka (“Troll’s Church”) and Stenkälla. Stora and Lilla Trollkyrka could be seen from Lake Vättern.

Tiveden rests on granite bedrock. When the earth’s crust ruptured and formed Lake Vättern’s massive depression (900 to 1,400 million years ago), the rock in Tiveden also broke apart into the diamond-shaped pattern that now is a main feature of the national park’s terrain.
The inland ice sheet, which melted about 11,000 years ago, also set its stamp on the landscape. Cavities known as giant’s kettles exist in some places. There also are large quantities of volcanic rock in Tiveden. Wild life is tremendous in Tiveden moose, deer, fox, hares, badgers, martins, wolfs, lynx and  squirrels occur. Beavers also have found their way here. Wilderness birds that add distinction to the national park include cranes, capercaillies, hazelhens, black-throated loons, nightjars, goshawks, ravens, mistle thrushes, redstarts and a number of different species of woodpeckers and owls.

Tiveden is also fameous from the ancient myths, which are so clearly present in this area.
Tivedens forests  marked hundreds of years ago the border between the Geats tribe and the swedes, and hosted pagan rituals of sacrifice and myths. The name itself is a combinations of gods and nature, Ti and Ved, god and wood, or the wood of the one handed god Týr, son of Odin.
Yes and what about the trolls in this magical place of Sweden. In the primeval forests, imposing trees and big stones it is John Bauer, the fameous painter and writer who saw so clearly the trolls, and described their magic and stories in his books.